Sunday July 12, 2020

MAS Products

Nova Florida - COOL Radiator

COOL features versatile bathroom furnishing solutions available in a wide range of finishes and dimensions: 16 models, available in 24 colors, center distances between 450 and 600, heights from 858 to 1740 and 2 types of hydraulic connections. The elegant COOL collection offers innovative and patented technical solutions. -Aleternum total anti-corrosive treatment included in the price on all models -2 types of hydraulic connections: traditional and central from below -100% MADE IN ITALY -Double coating for lasting finish: anaphoresis + powder coating

Nova Florida Radiators -Excelso A3

Excelso A3 stems from a research project aimed at optimizing radiator performances in order to offer a product with high mechanical and energetic capabilities. A high degree of innovation, achieved thanks to the two patents this product was able to obtain, allows the Excelso A3 radiator to be ideal for renovations and low temperature heating systems. -Optimal weight-to-heat output ratio -Modular: perfect for any space -No welds, so no problems with burrs 1-00% MADE IN ITALY -Improved heat exchange = high performance, low consumption

Nova Florida- Towel Radiator Calens Dual R AB

Hot Water Towel Radiator / Vertical/ Aluminum/ Wall mounted

Nova Florida - Towel Radiator Decus

Hot Water Towel radiator/ Aluminum/ Vertical/ Wall Mounted