Sunday July 12, 2020

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Optimal Heat Distribution

If your feet are warm, your body is happy. The optimal heat distribution is warm feet, coolhead. We feel our best when we have 18-20 degrees at head height and 23-24 degrees at the feet. Underfloor heating is the only heat distribution that achieves this.


Comfortable Heat

Underfloor heating is achieved using low temperatures. The heating cable has a much lower temperature than radiators because the heating cable is distributed over a larger area. As a result hot, stale air is avoided. 


Even Temperature Distribution

Radiators are often situated under windows, this is usually to counteract cold areas.However since heat rises, the heat ends up travelling towards the ceiling and the coldestarea becomes the floor. Underfloor heating gives you heat at your feet, which is spread overa large floor area. It also means that heat is evenly distributed in the room.


Lower the Temperature and Save Energy

You can usually lower the temperature just a bit and still not feel cold. Remember, lowering the temperature just a few degrees can make huge energy savings.


Clean and Hygienic

Because there is less air circulating, there are fewer dust particles whirling around resulting in a much better indoor environment. This is particularly important for people who suffer from allergy problems.
A warm floor is a dry floor. This is useful in the hallway as people often come stomping inwith wet shoes, boots or umbrellas. A bathroom that has a quick drying floor after a showeris not only comfortable, it is also much safer. A dry floor is no fertile ground for dust mitesand other allergy causing organisms.


Stylish and practical

Underfloor heating eliminates ugly, dusty radiators and pipes. You have freedom to furnishand decorate without worrying about any couch blocking radiators.