Sunday July 12, 2020

MAS Products

REHAU - Rautitan Stabil

The REHAU RAUTITAN stabil plumbing system is for hot and cold water, and heating and cooling applications.

REHAU- Edge Insulating Strip

The profiled PE wall of the REHAU edge insulating strip with sheeting ensures clear formation of wall corners and projections. The mounted adhesive strips on the back of the PE wall and the film foot guarantee maximum adhesion and quick installation. The tear-resistant film foot prevents the permeation of moisture and screed mixing water. Thermal and sound bridges are avoided. The REHAU edge insulating strip with sheeting provides the movement of 5 mm required for heating/cooling screeds in accordance with DIN 18560 Made from closed cell PE foam.L:25M REHAU MADE IN GERMANY

REHAU - Manifolds Cabinet

The REHAU UP manifold cabinet is designed for ?ush-mounted ?tting. Its height and depth are adjustable. The side walls are provided with knockouts for forward/return – optionally either on the right or left. The redirecting pipe, which ensures secure REHAU pipe laying in the connecting area, is adjustable and removable. Material galvanised Sheet steel and Painted powder white (similar to RAL 9016). REHAU MADE IN GERMANY

REHAU- Stainless Steel Manifold

High quality, stainless steel, Flow meter in accordance with DIN EN 1264-4, Offset arrangement of the connection nipples, Alternate manifold connection possible, Pre-assembled on consoles,Thermostatic valve insert for REHAU actuator in the return. 1“ connection ball valve in supply and return. Manifold end piece with ventilation/automatic drain. Galvanised consoles with sound-insulating inserts. Flow meter in the supply can be shut off in accordance with DIN EN 1264-4. Thermostatic valve insert with ?ow regulation in the return. REHAU MADE IN GERMANY

REHAU-Castellated Foil DS FN 10

Castellated foil without insulation for the laying of pipes on thermal insulation panel. The connection of the castellated foil is done by a push-button technique. The foil structure allows pipe spacing of 50 mm and multiples. Diagonal pipe laying directly on the castellated foil without accessories is possible. 1025 x 525 x 13 mm 1000 x 500 = 0.50 m2 REHAU MADE IN GERMANY