Sunday July 12, 2020

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Pipe made from RAU-PE-Xa - Peroxide-crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xa) according to DIN EN ISO 15875 and DIN 16892 - With oxygen diffusion barrier - Oxygen-tight according to DIN 4726 - Area of application - Underfloor heating/cooling, see: - Technical Information “Underfloor heating/cooling” - Technical Information “ RAUTITAN – THE NEW GENERATION” - Heating installation in buildings.

Valsir - Bravopress fittings

Bravopress® is a press fittings system made of technopolymer (PPSU), a plastic material characterised by an exceptional mechanical and corrosion resistance. Bravopress® can be used with Pexal® and Mixal® multilayer pipes and can be employed for the construction of water supply, heating and cooling and industrial systems. -Total absence of oxidation and corrosion. -Wide range of diameters from 16 to 32 mm. Compatibility with a wide range of pressing profiles (H, TH, U, B, F, C). -Unpressed leaking, Detection of leakages during system testing in the event of incomplete pressing. -Ideal for drinking water, Certified for the transport of consumable fluids and drinking water. -Chemical resistance to the most common substances dissolved in water. -Ideal to treatments against legionella

Nova Florida- Towel Radiator Calens Dual R AB

Hot Water Towel Radiator / Vertical/ Aluminum/ Wall mounted

Valsir Tropea3 with ARIAPUR

In-Wall Flush system with ARIAPUR, odour extracting system

Valsir Tropea3

Flushing system with different design plates