Sunday July 12, 2020

MAS Products

Valsir - V-ELLE System

For industrial situations where an elevated load resistance is requested due to heavy vehicles or industrial machines. The smooth panel enables rapid installation of the system where the Valsir multi-layer pipe is anchored with the use of hooked clips. This solution is widely used for the elimination of ice and/or snow from external surfaces such as yards, ramps, helipads, car parks and also soccer and rugby fields (where the insulation layer is removed).

Aluminium Foil

V. foil(al/b/al) with blue squares 5x5 for facilitation instalation,Roll 1mx200m,reflecterm foil.

Tropea3 In-Wall Flush system with ARIAPUR, odour extracting system

In Wall Flushing system with Ariapur for odor extraction, a pneumatic version that can be used in limited spaces

Valsir - Mixal Multi-layer pipe

Mixal® is composed of multi-layer pipes and different types of fittings that make it suitable for all plumbing and heating systems. Thanks to its extreme flexibility it is the ideal product for the construction of radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems and due to its excellent performance it is used for the distribution of hot and cold drinking water, in radiator and fan heating systems and in industrial systems including systems for the distribution of compressed air.

Valsir - Pexal Brass fittings

Pexal® Brass is a series of press fittings with a brass alloy body and stainless steel sleeve that are suitable for a multitude of applications, from hot and cold water supply systems to heating systems and industrial plants. They can be used both with the Pexal®, Mixal® and Thremoline® pipes. -Compatibility with a wide range of pressing profiles (H, TH, U, C, VAL). -Wide range of fitting types and accessories. Range of diameters from 14 to 90 mm. -Unpressed leakage detection during system testing in the event of incomplete pressing. -Ideal for the transport of drinking water Certificate for the transport of drinking water. -Anti-loosening profile and double ring seal.