Sunday July 12, 2020

MAS Products

REHAU- Actuator

Thermoelectric actuator, currentlessly closed, function display, plug-in assembly, valve adapter for stainless steel manifolds, the actuator NC is equiped with a position indicator on the top (valve closed/valve open), model with 230V/24V, with an electrically heated expansion system wich is secured against overtravel. Particularly splash-proof, protection class IP 54 / PC. REHAU MADE IN GERMANY

REHAU - Digital Room Thermostat

DIGITAL ROOM THERMOSTAT d.i.g. with two-point behaviour and is used in connection with e.g. thermal actuators to control the room thermostat / PC . REHAU - MADE IN GERMANY

Valsir- V-Band/ N biocompatible Edging Strip

Insulating strip in expanded polyethylene with adhesive on one side across the entire surface with protection film divided in two, the strip is coupled with a transparent film in polyethylene with a thickness of 40 Um to prevent cement seepage -L50mxH150xS10 mm. VALSIR MADE IN ITALY

Valsir - Thermo-electric Head

On/off thermoelectric heads with adaptor for distribution manifold , they regulate the flow in floor heating circuits, they are applied to the distribution manifolds (return side) , can be used with a direct connection to the zone thermostats and to the electric line 220V . VALSIR MADE IN ITALY

Valsir- Polypropylene Anti-Shrinkage grid

Anti-shrinkage grid in rolls,in high-resistant polypropylene for impact-resistant reinforced structures - ROLL 50mx1000mmx50mm VALSIR - MADE IN ITALY