Sunday July 12, 2020

MAS Products

Valsir- In-Wall Touch-screen Thermostat

In-Wall touch-screen Battery-powered (2x1.5 V- AAA type) thermostat for 3 module "503" electrical boxes for control of room temperature both in heating and cooling. Key lock system for installation in public places with password and antifreeze function with thermostat off

Valsir- V-Foil Anti Humidity Film

Polyethylene anti-vapor film thickness 0.2 mm with self-adhesive ends 25 mm wide

Valsir- V-Joint band for expansion joint

White insulating band in expanded polyethylene with 20 mm strip of adhesive at one end to be used with V-Joint/T support or to be glued on the V-ESSE panel

Valsir - V-Clip Anchor Clips

Anchor clips for pipe diameters 14-16-20 mm to be used with V-ELLE panels

REHAU- Edge Insulating Strip

The profiled PE wall of the REHAU edge insulating strip with sheeting ensures clear formation of wall corners and projections. The mounted adhesive strips on the back of the PE wall and the film foot guarantee maximum adhesion and quick installation. The tear-resistant film foot prevents the permeation of moisture and screed mixing water. Thermal and sound bridges are avoided. The REHAU edge insulating strip with sheeting provides the movement of 5 mm required for heating/cooling screeds in accordance with DIN 18560 Made from closed cell PE foam.L:25M REHAU MADE IN GERMANY