Tuesday September 29, 2020

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Few of MAS Trading Signature Projects


Towers & Buildings:

Project/Client City Eng/Arch M2 Main Contractor Job Description
Tower Raouche 1090   Rawche Ramco   12,000 MAS Trading UFH
Tower Quasar - Saifi 450 Saifi Gaby Nicholas     9,850 K-Build Engineering & Contracting  UFH
Tower Beirut Terraces Beirut E & G – George Ofeich   12,000 MAS Trading UFH
Mall ABC Verdun Verdun MAN/ Em-tech     9,500 MAN Enterprise/ Em-Tech UFH+Cooling
Yarze 4111 Building Yarze Mr. Ali El Sayed     1,332 MAS Trading UFH
Allenby Gate – Ghandour. Beirut Khater Engineering      3,000 Khater Engineering  UFH
Achrafieh 2030 Achrafieh Aishti Interiors /
Arch.Maroun Sarkis
    3,000 MAS Trading UFH
Andre Dahan  Building Yarze Arch. Andre Dahan     1,148 MAS Trading UFH
BUILDING FERRUM RESIDENTIAL  Solidere Khater Eneneering / ERGA     2,845 MAS Trading UFH
Building General Jean Kahwaji & Sons  Kaslik Kamil Kozah     1,800 MAS Trading UFH



Project/Client City Eng/Arch M2 Main Contractor Description
Turkish Hamam
(Mr.Zein Al Atat)
Ouzaii Jack Ghosn 1,200 MAS Trading Wall &
Floor Heating



Project/Client City M2 Main Contractor Job Description
Church Kartaba Kartaba 600 MAS Trading UFH
Church Mar Boutros Beit Chabeb 600 MAS Trading UFH
Church St. Joseph  Beit El Kikko 550 MAS Trading UFH
Church of Nunciature (Al Babawiyeh) Harissa 120 MAS Trading UFH
Church Saydet El Bzizeit  Beit Chabeb 300 MAS Trading UFH