Friday October 30, 2020

MAS Trading thrives to create a warm, healthy and comfortable environment; offering its clientele the very best floor heating & cooling systems in the market.


We Bring Warmth To Your Home embodies the very essence of our business philosophy as we believe in today's ever changing solutions for a better tomorrow and we support that by continuing to provide innovative heating systems based on quality, reliability and efficiency.


Why Us


  • Product: Partnering with the most reputable international suppliers of floor heating and cooling systems helped maintain our High Quality Standards


  • Service: MAS Trading stays focused on building a business that provides customers with the best experience possible by insuring high performance, good quality at the best competitive price


  • Support: We invest and believe in Staff training for better work safety practices and productivity improvements Leading to a more satisfied client


  • Warranty: 5 years free maintenance with 50 years product warranty from Valsir, differentiating us from others

We are pleased to announce the establishing of our new plant, Genial, manufacturer of XPS boards (Extruded Polystyrene Sheets) for insulation, free of CFC and HCFC, high compressive strength, low moisture absorption, recyclable and environmental friendly.